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We’re born in a moment of crisis for humanity: Aug 15, 2021 - the Fall of Kabul.

Extending our volunteer community to Ukraine | 950**+ Buddies, 400+ Firms ready to hire - sign up below πŸ‘‡**

Chapter 1: When it looked impossible, our community of volunteers and firms came together. Back then we’ve coached more than 300 Afghan talents, sent a sign of hope, and so far have helped more than 10 of them escape into a life of peace in Europe. Alex, Haitham, Khudadad, Kazem, and so many more. We continue to stand by the people of Afghanistan in this program

Here is what they shared with us:

β€œThis win would not have happened without your great help and support and all of the kind people at Imagine, and my dear and kind coach: Rita!”

β€œGetting to know you is one of the best events and happiest experiences I had in my life.”

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Today we extend our coaching and job matching service to the people of Ukraine.

What we do is humbly simple. We match people in Ukraine - in all jobs - with coaches and firms intending to hire in Europe. Most of our firm partners are in Germany, and many do not require immediate relocation unless you desire.

We count on you - Europe's business, tech, and startup industry: Hire a Ukrainian Talent, make your teams available as buddies, make a difference for those who need your support.

What you can do:

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